Éanna Basketball Club is committed to developing the fundamental skills that players are required to have when they begin playing in the Dublin leagues. Éanna Basketball teams start from academy (5-10 years boys) through our underage programme up to  and including Senior Teams in the Dublin Mens Leagues and Super League.

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Éanna Basketball plays in the Dublin Men’s leagues from development basketball and from U11 up to Division One Senior Men’s and Super League. Éanna Basketball is committed to promoting the game of basketball in a fun and fair environment and the provision of opportunities to participate and compete in County and at National levels.

    Our Awards:

  • Division Three Cup Winners.
  • Division Two League Winners.
  • Division One League Winners.
  • Division One Cup Winners.
  • Division One Final Four Winners.
  • Final Four Div 3 finalists.
  • National League Final Four.

The club amalgamated with Notre Dame Junior club w in 2009 which has boasted some of the strongest teams in Ireland over two decades  with Dublin and All Ireland wins at all age levels including multiple National Cups and tournaments including success overseas. As the club continues to grow in numbers, Éanna basketball will continue to improve in order to reestablish itself as one of the primary basketball clubs in Ireland.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned player looking to start or get back into basketball or want to find out more about the opportunities within Éanna Basketball, please contact us by clicking here.

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Additional sponsorship opportunities are available for the largest academy in Ireland with over 100 kids playing in a Éanna academy.

Eanna Rathfarnham Academy

For more information e mail padraic@eannabasketball or go to http://eannabasketball.ie/sponsors/


Learn the fundamentals skills and drills at Éanna Basketball.

The fundamentals of basketball have remained the same throughout the world and continue to be practiced by underage and professional players alike, who wish to maintain and improve their skills. Even with the most effective plays, neglecting the basic skills of passing, dribbling , shooting and lay ups will result in missing easy shots and unforced errors and ultimately the loss of games. A strong foundation is particularly important for young and new players to understand the principles of the game and to be clear about their responsibilities to their team mates. With basic and short drills designed to provide and maintain these skills, the young player will progress and improve their skills and enjoyment of the game as they see real improvement in their skills. For this reason, Eanna Basketball Club have initiated an additional skills programme outside of training and games at the weekend for our underage players to maximise their playing time and develop their individual skills. This will also facilitate the transition from team to team of our young players who will join a new team knowing the drills and the basic plays required making the adjustment and integration easier for the player and the team.


To find out more about our Éanna Basketball programmes, please contact us by clicking here.